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This guide will lead you through the process of downloading, installing, and setting up Endnote on your computer.

Removing Author Initials from in-text citations

Removing Author Initials from in-text citations:

EndNote users sometimes complain that EndNote is inserting author initials in the citations in their document.

To avoid this:

1. Check that all publications by the same author in your EndNote library have the author's name entered in the same format. If the author is entered as "Williams, S. J." in one reference in your library, and as "Williams, Susan J." in another reference, EndNote will not be able to recognize that these are the same author.

2. Ensure that the authors are entered in identical fashion, but sometimes the differences are difficult to detect. For example, there may be a space at the end of the name in one of the references. The best solution is to copy the name from one of the references, and paste it into the other reference(s) to ensure that the names are identical.

3. Edit the Output Style to Remove All Initials in Citations in the Text

If you do not want EndNote to put any initials in citations in the text of your document, you can edit the output style to turn off this feature.

In EndNote, click on Edit>Output Styles, and then select Edit "[name of the style]".

This will open the style edit window.

On the left-hand side, under Citations, select Ambiguous Citations. Uncheck the box that reads Include author initials or full name in citation.

On the left-hand side again, under Citations, select Author Name. Uncheck the box that reads Use initials only for primary authors with the same name.

To save changes go to File>Save As and give the style a new name eg. APA_edited

Close the edit window.

In Word, use the EndNote Update Citations and Bibliography command (or the Format Bibliography command in earlier versions of Word) to reformat the references in your document using the amended output style.


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