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Lloyd Roosevelt Moses

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Contents List

Box 1


Incoming (2 folders)

Abdnor, James

1983, May 27 and Oct. 13

Aeschbacher, Ron

1990, Oct. 24

Andera, Leonard E.

1974, Aug. 22

Baker, Howard H. Jr.

1981, Dec. 9

Banathy, Bela H.

1974, Sept. 24

Berg, Sharon M.

1986, Mar. 7

Booth, Robert H.

1956, Nov. 21 and Dec. 28

Blakely, Herb

1984, May 2

Brady, Pat

1969, June 24

Bryde, John F.

1976, May 17

1985, Aug. 22

Callaway, Howard H.

1974, July 1

1975, Feb. 25

Canaday, Dayton W.

1984, Apr. 2

Chesley, Patricia M.

1975, Apr. 11

Collins, Claricie V.

1975, Apr. 7

Daschle, Tom

1982, Jan. 13

1983, June 16

Davis, Marshall B.

1984, June 29

Day, John A.

1988, Apr. 23 and Dec. 29

Dempster, Mrs. D.

1977, Sept. 1

DeZonia, Robert H.

1977, Feb. 22 and May 9

Estee, C.R.

1987, Oct. 30

Francis, June


Frank, Robert

1985, Mar. 22

Froiland, Sven G.

1984, May 17

Gaynor, Robert M.

1975, Feb. 22

Box 1, cont.


Incoming, cont.

George, Gerald

1978, Oct. 25

Geu, Thomas Earl

1993, Sept. 9

Halsey, Ron and Mary

1977, May 10

Hadley, Galen

1987, Sept. 3 and 24

Holter, Vern O.

1977, May 23

1979, May 1

Kalaher, Ralph

1967, Apr. 11

Karsner, Loran P.

1972, Mar. 8

Kitzler, Werner

1975, Apr. 17

Komarek, Carole Womeldorf

1989, May 17

Koster, Jeane

1977, May 21

Krueger, Jim

1987, Mar. 1

Jacobson, Claes H.

1988, July 7 and Oct. 2

Jones, Herbert M.

1956, Nov. 21

Larson, Flora and John

1985, Sept. 3

Larson, Nathan A.

1983, May 10

1984, Feb. 4

Lein, Charles D.

1977, Sept. 6

Lewis, Wayne B.

1984, Aug. 28

Lillibridge. L.L.

1983, Jan. 5

Lilly, Roy

1978, Nov. 27

Lindley, Carina

1975, Oct. 24

Mackaman, Dwight M.

1975, Aug. 25

McElroy, Mrs. Neil Hosler

1957, Dec. 22

McGregor, Duncan J.

1978, Mar. 3

Marquart, James C.

1978, Aug. 2


Box 1, cont.


Incoming, cont.

Miller, Mary

1976, Jan. 28

Moses, Ray and Blanch

1974, Apr. 29 and May 8

Moriarty, Thomas E.

1977, Aug. 24

Moulton, Edward Q.

1967, June 21

Offerdahl, Merle

1968, Jan. 6 and 8

Olom, Les

1984, June 25

Patton, Robert S.

1977, Jan. 27

Paulson, Jared and Caleb


Phillips, Rip and Toni

1977, June 11

Poor Bear, Enos Jr.

1991, Mar. 5

Pressler, Larry

1981, Dec. 8

1983, May 27

Prouty, Larry

1973, Dec. 17

Puryear, Edgar (5 items)


Reagor, Simone

1975, July 15

Roberts, Clint

1982, Jan. 18

Robinson, Will G.

1972, June 10

Sampson, June

1975, Jan. 28

Sandhorst, Ann

1985, Feb. 26

Shimada, Rev. Frs.-Xavier

1984, Mar. 28

Shimadzu, Tadatsugu

1954, Sept. 28

Steele, Mary

1977, May 30

Strain, Elvin F. (2 items, same date)

1959, July 24

Two Hawk, Webster

1975, Apr. 4

Vigness, S.D.

1978, Jan. 10

Ward, Elizabeth L.

1974, Sept. 4 and Dec. 19

Box 1, cont.


Incoming, cont.

Wiese, Owen P.

1975, May 4

Wisdom, Ray E.

1977, June 10

Zimmerman, Larry J.

1988, Feb. 17


Outgoing (1 folder)

Abdnor, James

1983, May 16

Adjutant General

1956, Nov. 21

1985, Dec. 30

Admissions Committee

1987, Jan. 21

Andera, Leonard E.

1974, Jan. 4

Banathy, Bela

1974, July 26 and Oct. 18

Berg, Sharon M.

1986, Mar.

Blakely, Herb

1984, June 11

Block, Raphael

1987, July 9

Bowen, Richard L.

1974, Sept. 30

Canady, Dayton

1974, June 10

Cash, Joseph H.

1984, Sept. 30

Chief of Police

1968, Dec. 30

Chief, Office of Military History

1985, Jan 25

Daschle, Tom

1983, May 16

Day, John

1990, Sept. 11

DeZonia, Robert H.

1977, Feb. 24

Dill, Stephen

1989, July 20

Editor, Ballantine Books

1985, Jan. 9

Hadley, Galen

1987, Sept. 3

Jacobson, Claes H.

1988, Sept. 21 and Oct. 17

Jeyerk, Robert G.

1979, Sept. 19

Box 1, cont.


Outgoing, cont.

McDonald, Andy

1984, Mar. 5

McFadden, Joseph

1988, Feb. 20

McLain, Mrs. John

1976, Oct. 7

Nelson, LeRoy

1982, Dec. 7

Patterson, Olga C.

1976, Mar. 25

Pressler, Larry

1983, May 16

Prouty, Larry

1973, Dec. 26?

Puryear, Edgar F. Jr.

1976, Aug. 5

1977, Jan. 24

Stockman, David

1981, Sept. 25

Sullivan, Jerone

1977, Feb. 10

Superintendent, National Archives and Records Administration

1988, July 27

Takamatsu, Her Imperial Highness Princess

1954, Sept. 14

Tinker, Grant

1981, Oct. 6

Two Hawk, Webster

1974, Sept. 30

U.S. Department of Justice

1973, July 5

Vigness, S.D.

1978, Jan. 12

Ward, Elizabeth (9 items)


Wolff, Gerald

1984, Apr. 18


Other (1 folder)

1926-2000, n.d.


Sympathy Cards (1 folder)

2000-2001, n.d.


MANUSCRIPTS (1 folder)


Commissioning Exercise Address, USD-ROTC, 1977, May 14

Phi Delt, 1998, May 5

“Russia’s Dilemma”, Rotary Club, 1998, Sept. 29

“The Sioux”, Rotary Club (2 copies)


Box 1, cont.

MAPS (1 folder)

Clay County, South Dakota Farm Map, 1902 by E. Frank Peterson

Clay County, South Dakota Highway Map (2 copies)

Clay County, South Dakota Rural Resident Directory, 1984


Mellette County, South Dakota, 1995, July

Tripp County, South Dakota Highway Map

Vermillion, Clay County, South Dakota, 1982


PERSONAL (6 folders)

Biographical Information

Board of Education Pension Papers

Moses Family Records


1982-1989, n.d.

Enoch R. Moses Biographical Records (Photocopies)

Lloyd Moses Birth Certificate (Photocopy)

Moses Family Tree


Arlington Cemetery Flyer

Clay County Energy Conservation Board

Job Description Commanding General, 8th Infantry Division

Reception Held for Lloyd R. Moses Retirement, 1974, Oct. 8

Status of Retired Officers of Regular Army

Nomination Forms for SD Cowboy and Western Heritage Hall of Fame

Runners Diary for the Run for Your Life Program, 1983-1989




Cambridge Concordance Bible

The New World Book of Moses

Vest Pocket Bible Dictionary

Institute for Indian Studies

Dakota Head Start: A Picture Story

“The Idea that Grew” Dakota Head Start

Information Pamphlet

News Report 79, 94, 108, 110

Special Project no. 31, 32, 33


Army, v.11 no. 6, 1961, Jan.

Indian Community Action Project Consortium, 1968

Paint, Oil Chemical Review, v. 95 no. 20, 1933, Oct. 5

Report of Annual Conference Indian Affairs, 1969, Oct. 29-30

SD State Historical Society Report, 1972, June 12

South Dakota Centennial Community Handbook, 1987

Symposium on Indian Education, 1974, June 12-14 and July 10-11

The Wi-Iyohi, v. 20 no. 2, 1966, May 1







Box 1, cont.


News clippings

The Red Cross Home Journal (Photocopy), 1950 (?)

“Early Carpenter Celebrates 90th Birthday, July 17”, 1963

“General L.R. Moses Retires Will Reside in Vermillion”, The University of South Dakota Bulletin, 1964, Nov. 1

“Rosebud Tribe Will Sponsor Full-Scale Celebration July 3-5”, 1962, June 23

“General Moses named President of Consortium on Indian Projects”, 1968, Oct.

“Reception Held for Lloyd Moses”, 1974

“’General Doctor’”, 1977, May

“95th Commencement Exercises May 14”, The South Dakotan, 1977, Apr.

“Moses to head Parade”, Plain Talk, 1984, Oct. 3

“Major General (Ret.) Lloyd Moses waves to the Crowd.”, Plain Talk, 1984, Oct. 17 (Photocopy)

“Former General Sorts his Life”, The Sioux City Journal, 1984, Oct. 29 (Photocopy)

“American Indian achievement, promise must be recognized”, Argus Leader, 1987, Mar. 2

“’Who’s who among the Sioux,’ is a chronicle to promote understanding”, Lakota Times, 1987, July 29

“Who’s Who Among the Sioux Fills Literary Gap”, Plain Talk, 1988, Dec. 15

“Moses is winner of ESA’s Zeus honor”, 1988

“Officer, scholar, author; Moses’ autobiography out” Plain Talk, 1991, Nov. 28

“Elderly Treasures…”, Todd County Tribune/News, 1997, July 30

“Retired Gen. Lloyd Moses, author of 2 books, dies at 95”, Plain Talk, 2000, Aug. 30

Untitled, n.d.



Clay County Place Names (1 folder)

Sioux Collections (8 folders)


1981-1985, n.d.

Book Reviews

Copyright Forms



Box 2


Sioux Collections, cont.



What Ever it takes (30 folders)


Draft 2

Final Draft


Publishing Agreement, 1988, Dec. 28

Box 3


Who’s Who Among the Sioux (9 folders)


1984-1988, n.d.

Appendix-Sioux Historical Events

Copyright Forms

Funding Sources

Grant Proposals

Map Resources

Photo Permissions

Research Notes

Resource files (536 folders)

Alkire, Candice

American Horse, The Elder

American Horse, The Younger

Amiotte, Arthur

Amiotte, Emma

Amoitte, Lowell R.

Anderson, Carmen Atkinson

Angry Eyes

Archambault, Dave

Archambault, JoAllyn

Archambault, Marie Terese

Artichoker, John.

Ashes, Hazel S.

Ashley, James W.

Ashley, Janna Marie

Ashley, John T.

Ashley, Joseph Alan

Ashley, Mary Elizabeth

Ashley, Robert L.

Ashley, Rose Marie

Ashley, Wallace V.


Babby, Maurice W.

Bad Heart Bull, Amos

Bad Warrior, Martha

Bad Wound, Elgin

Baird, Phillip

Bard Heart Bull, Amos

Barker, Robert

Bawker, R.G.

Bear Nose

Bear Ribs

Bear Shield

Beauvais, Archie

Beauvais, Janice

Big Crow

Big Crow, Moses Nelson

Big Eagle

Big Foot

Big Mouth

Big Road

Box 3, cont.


Who’s Who Among the Sioux, cont.

Resource files, cont.

Big Tree John

Big Turkey

Bird JoAnne

Black Bear

Black Bear, Ben Sr.

Black Bear, Matilda

Black Buffalo

Black Buffalo Women

Black Elk

Black Elk, Ben

Black Fox

Black Moon

Black Rock

Black Shawl

Black Shield

Black Twin

Blackketter, Debra

Bloody Knife

Blue Cloud

Blue Legs, Alice

Bob Tail Bull, Morris

Bonnin, Gertrude Simmons

Bordeaux, Dr. Lionel R.

Bordeaux, Louis

Bordeaux, Supiwin

Boyer, Delane F.

Bradford, Carol Jean

Brave Bear

Brave Heart, Basil A.

Brave, Troy Anthony

Brewer, Alma

Brings Plenty

Brokenleg, Martin

Broncho, Bill

Bruce, Louis R.

Brughiere, John

Bryde, Dr. John F.

Buckanaga, Celine

Bull Bear

Bull Head, Henry

Bunge, Robert

Burnette, Robert

Campbell, Marlene Helen Cloud

Carpenter, Amy Lewis


Charger, Martin

Charging Dog

Charging Shield

Chief Eagle, Dallas

Chief Eagle, Dallas Jr.

Box 3, cont.


Who’s Who Among the Sioux, cont.

Resource files, cont.

Childs, Lucille

Circling Bear

Circling Hawk

Claymore, James

Clifford, Benjamin Sr.

Colhoff, John Charles

Collins, Vernon “Grady”

Colombe, John

Colombe, Josette Dorian

Colombe, Joyce

Conquering Bear

Conroy, Thomas

Cook Lynn, Elizabeth

Crawler, Mary

Crazy Horse

Crazy in the Lodge

Crow Dog

Crow Feather

Crow King

Crow, Perce B.


Cummings, Newton

Cury, Charles

Custer, George Armstrong

Cutschall, Joseph A.

Decory, Clavele

Decory, Janet L. (Jace)

Decory, Lance

Decory, William

Deloria, Ella Cara

Deloria, Philip Joseph

Deloria, Sam

Deloria, Vine Jr.

Deloria, Vine Sr.

Derby, John

Don’t Know How

Drapeaux, Richard

Drifting Goose

Dubray, Alfred

Dubray, F. Joseph

Ducheneaux, Frank Jr.

Dudley, Joseph A.

Dupree, Calvin

Eagle Horn, Chauncey

Earring, Lynda

Eastman, Charles E.

Eastman, John

Elk Head

Emery, James

Estes, Frank C.

Box 3, cont.


Who’s Who Among the Sioux, cont.

Resource files, cont.

Estes, Frank Jr.

Estes, Grace Dewitt

Estes, Michael

Evans, Wayne


Box 4


Who’s Who Among the Sioux, cont.

Resource files, cont.

Fallis, Lois Emery

Ferron, Roberta Anne

Fielder, Allan C.

Fire Thunder

Fire, John

Fish Gut

Flaws, Lorraine Isburg

Flying By, Joseph

Flying Hawk

Flynn, John Pat

Fool Bull, Richard

Fools Crow

Four Bears

Four Horns

Fowler, Herbert B.

Fracek, Eugene Edward

Frazier, Wilford W.

Frederick, Allan A.

Freeman, Robert L.


Garneau, Kate Greenwood

Garner, Ted

Giago, Tim

Giger, Tanya Jean

Gill, D.L.

Gillespie, Robert

Gipp, William

Good Horse

Good Voice

Goodeagle, Lillian

Grass, John

Grey Eagle

Grey Foot

Handboy, James

Hardman, Benedict

Hauff, Richard J.

Hauff, Sylvan R.

He Dog

He that Inflicts the First Wound

Herman, Jake

High Elk, Gerald Curtis

Box 4, cont.


Who’s Who Among the Sioux, cont.

Resource files, cont.

Hollenbach, Ida Roberts

Hollow Horn Bear

Horn Cloud, Nancy

Howe, Oscar


Hunt, Bonnie Jo


Iron Face

Iron Nation

Iron Plume, Shriley

Iron Shell

Iron Tail

Jackson, Melvin

Jaeger, Ronald M.

Janis, Norman

Jeffries, William R.

Johnson, Floreine

Jones, Cora L.

Jones, Emmett D.

Jones, Gordon J.

Jones, Harold

Jordan, Collins P.

Jordan, Julia Walks First

Jumping Bull, Calvin

Jumping Thunder

Kazena, Richard

Keeble, Blossom

Keeble, Jonas

Keeble, Woodrow Wilson

Keith, Sidney

Kicking Bear

Kills Enemy, Charles

Kills Game and Comes Back

Kills in Water, Annie

Kingman, Arlouine Gay

Kingman, August Gilbert

Kingman, Gust

Kingman, Harry “Judge”

Kirkie, Richard L.

Kitto, Gordon

Kitto Wilch, Cecilia

Lacroix, Arthur P.

Lambert, Charlotte Mae

Lambert, Chestor

Lambert, Guy W.

Lame Deer

Lamoureaux, Claude

Lamoureaux, George Howard

Lamoureaux, Glen

Lamoureaux, Howard

Box 4, cont.


Who’s Who Among the Sioux, cont.

Resource files, cont.

Lamoureaux, Marie Louise Bordeau

Lamoureaux, Oliver

Lamoureaux, Potter, Ruth

Lamoureaux, William

LaPointe, Eric J.

LaPointe, James

Larrabee, Eunice

Lawrence, Levi

Leading fighter

Lebeau, Dwaine M.

Lebeau, Ellsworth

Lebeau, Marcella Ryan

Lebeau, Sandra Frazier

Left Hand

Lewis, Dale

Lip, William

Little Bat

Little Big Man

Little Crow

Little Eagle

Little Hawk

Little Spotted Horse, Sarah

Little Thunder

Little White Swan

Little Wolf

Little Wound

Livermont, Jerry

Locke, Kevin

Lone Bear

Lone Dog

Lone Horn

Long Chin

Long Dog

Long Fox

Long Soldier

Longbrake, Delbert F.

Longbrake, Faye A.

Looking Horse, Arvil

Loudner, Donald

Low Dog

Lunderman, Alex J.

Mackey, Clement

Mackey, Duane H.

Mackey, John Jr.

Mackey, John Sr.

Mackey, Norman

Mackey, Rachel

Mackey, Robert

Mackey, Willard

Mad Bear

Box 4, cont.


Who’s Who Among the Sioux, cont.

Resource files, cont.

Mad Bull



Make the Lodge

Man Afraid

Man Afraid of his Horses

Man Afraid of his Horses Sr.


Marcus, Hattie

Marrs, Jean (Claymore)

Maus, Cyrin

Mazakutemane, Paul


McDonald, Authur

McGaa, Edward

McKenzie, Frank

Means, Russell C.

Medicine Bear

Medicine Cow

Medicine, Beatrice

Medicine, Earl M. Sr.

Menard, Nellie Star Boy

Milks, Chief

Mills, Billy

Mills, Sidney

Mitchell, Wayne Lee

Moran, Homer L.

Morrison, Robert

Moses, Lloyd

Murphy, Charles

Nichols, Eva J. Corger

Night Pipe, Manley

No Heart, Abraham

No Water

O’Connor, Leo John

One Bull, Oscar

One Rib

Otherday, John


Pechota, Gary L.

Penn, Robert

Pereau, Robert J.

Peterson, Dennis

Peterson, Helen Louise White

Philbrick, Rodger R.

Picket Pin

Picotte, Agnes Goes in Center

Picotte, Alvin G. Jr.

Picotte, Alvin E. Sr.

Picotte, Charles

Box 4, cont.


Who’s Who Among the Sioux, cont.

Resource files, cont.

Picotte, Paul

Picotte, Paul William

Picotte, Vylla Grace

Plenty Horses

Poor Bear, Enos

Poorman, Mercy

Potter, Ruth Lamoureaux J.

Pourier, James “Bob”

Pourier, Jeanne Marie Ryan

Pretty Bear

Primeaux, Asa Sr.

Provost, Cecil

Prue, Marcella

Quick Bear

Quick Bear, Reuben

Rain in the Face


Rainwater, Purcell

Rank, Elnita Kirkie

Raymond, Arthur

Raymond, Julia Merard

Raymond, Robert G.

Raymond, William

Red Cloud

Red Cloud, Charlie

Red Cloud, Edgar

Red Cloud, Jack

Red Dog

Red Elk, Gerald

Red Elk, Lois

Red Feather

Red Fish

Red Fox

Red Fox, William

Red Hill

Red Horse Owner, Moses

Red Iron

Red Leaf

Red Owl, Edward M.

Red Star, Henry

Red Thunder

Red Tomahawk

Red Wing

Reifel, Albert

Reifel, Alexander

Reifel, Ben

Reifel, George

Reifel, John

Renville, Gabriel

Returns Again

Box 4, cont.


Who’s Who Among the Sioux, cont.

Resource files, cont.

Ringing Shield

Robertson, Blanche De Cory

Robertson, Eleanore

Robertson, Paul

Rockboy, Clarence

Rockboy, Joseph

Rogers, Marie Leneaugh

Rogers, Robert

Ross, Agnes Allen

Ross, Allen H.

Ross, Donald

Ross, Duane R.

Ross, Harvey

Ross, James William

Ross, Kenneth G.

Roubideaux, Antoine

Roubideaux, Ramon

Rouillard, John C.

Ruleaux, Donald

Runnels, Victor

Running Antelope

Runs Above, Marvin

Runs the Enemy

Russell, Grace G.

Ryan, Eugene C.


Box 5


Who’s Who Among the Sioux, cont.

Resource files, cont.

Sabor, Claudette Clifford

Salway, Larry E.

Saul, John

Sazue, June Lambert

Sazue, William

Scarlet Plume

Schmidt, Sophie (Marrs)

Scott, Sheryl D.

Shakopee Chiefs

Short Bull

Shortbull, Thomas

Shunk, Harold

Sitting Bear

Sitting Bull

Sitting Crow, Adam

Skye, Clarence W.

Skye, Clifton Wood

Sleepy Eyes

Slow Bull


Box 5, cont.


Who’s Who Among the Sioux, cont.

Resource files, cont.

Smutty Bear

Sneve, Shirley

Sneve, Virginia Driving Hawk

Spotted Eagle, Faith

Spotted Eagle, Henry

Spotted Tail

St. Pierre, John

Standing Bear, Luther

Standing Bull

Standing Soldier, Andrew

Standing Up Buffalo

Stands and Looks Back

Stars, Joseph V.

Stars, Lorenzo

Steel, Dorrance

Steenberg, Janis Herman

Stewart, Charles C.

Stinger, James T. Sr.

Stone Arrow

Straight Foretop

Strikes Fire

Strom, Johanna Florence Ryan

Struck by the Ree

Stuhlmacher, Charlene Ann

Sundance, Robert

Swan, Lucy

Swift Bear

Swift Bird

Swift Bird, Peter Sr.


Talent-American Indian Talent Directory


Taylor, Nathan

The Trembling Earth

Thin Elk, Eugene D.

Thompson, Eleanor J.

Thunder Hawk

Tibbets, Emma

Touch the Clouds

Traversie, Theophile L.

Trimble, Charles E.

Two Bears

Two Bulls, Edward

Two Bulls, Matthew

Two Strike

Twohawk, Evelyn Lambert

Twohawk, Webster

Valandra, Cato W.

Valandra, Edward

Valandra, Howard

Box 5, cont.


Who’s Who Among the Sioux, cont.

Resource files, cont.

Valandra, Joseph M.

Valandra, Richard Paul

Valandra, Vetal A.

Vandel, James

Venegas, Hildreth

Vocu, Leo W.

Volesky, James


Wade, Jon Charles

Wakeman, Richard

Walking Buffalo

Walking Bull, Charles Gilbert

Walking Elk



Wapasha II

Wapasha III

War Bonnet, Emma

War Cloud, Paul

War Eagle

Westerman, Floyd

Whirlwind Horse, William

White Bull

White Eagle

White Horse, Chauncina Yellow Robe

White Lodge

White Swan

White Tallow, Mary

White Thunder

Whitebird, Francis G.

Williams, John

Williamson, Myrna

Wilson, George

Wilson, James J.

Wilson, Richard

Withorne, Steven L.

Woman’s Dress

Worm, Minniconjou

Wounded Head, Marilyn

Wright, Everdell A. Jr.

Yellow Bird

Yellow Hair

Yellow Horse

Yellow Horse Finger, Wallace L.

Yellow Robe Frantz, Rosebud

Yellow Robe, Chauncey

Young Man Afraid of His Horses

Young, Hallie Trimble

Zephier, Alvin R.

Zephier, Diane M.

Box 5, cont.


Who’s Who Among the Sioux, cont.

Resource files, cont.

Zephier, Mitchell

Zephier, Richard G.

Zephier, Russel D.

Ziegler, Alfred



Chaos Theory

Custer and the Battle at Little Big Horn

Lakota Language

Lewis and Clark and Spirit Mound

Religious Studies

Speech Materials


TYPESCRIPTS (5 folders)


Centennial Planning Committee, University of South Dakota, 1980

Commencement Introduction for Lloyd Moses Honorary Degree

Historical Marker Description

Lewis and Clark Historical Perspectives Script for Spirit Mound Documentary

Resume of cultural Complexes at the Hell Gap Site Guernsey, Wyoming, circa 1960

Testimony to Support Senate Bill 2498, designating the Nokota Horse as North Dakota’s honorary equine

Translation of Japan Red Cross Program, 1954, Aug. 20


Gerry, Rich

“The Institute of Indian Studies- Centralization or Decentralization of Authority”, 1975, May

Geu, Thomas Earl

“The Tao of Jurisprudence: Chaos, Brain Science, Synchronicity and the Law”, 1993

Moses, Lloyd

“The Battle of Aachen Oct. 10-21, 1944”

“The Mineral Aspect of the Igneous and Metamorphic Rocks of the Northern Black Hills, SD, 1931, May


Sendi, Japan, 1954, June 29

At Dedication of American Legion Hall, Witten, S.D., 1954, Oct. 8

South Dakota Flag Acceptance, 1961, May 17

“Civil Defense Mobilization from the Military Point of View”, 1961, May 20

“Fifth USD Army and the Midwest”, Presentation made at Chamber of Commerce Dinner, Winner, S.D., 1962, May 2

At Fort Sheridan, Illinois Armed Forces Day, 1962, May 19

Acceptance upon his adoption by the Rosebud Sioux Tribal Council at Rosebud, S.D., 1962, July 4

Remarks at Sioux Falls, SD National Guard Bureau Fifth Army Area Conference, 1962, Oct. 17

Box 5, cont.


Speeches, cont.

Remarks at Chicago, Illinois, Fifth US Army Civilian Aides’ Conference, 1962, Oct. 26

St. Agnes Church Vermillion, S.D., 1965, Mar. 21

Faculty Wives Club USD, 1965, Nov.

Loyalty Day, VFW Yankton, S.D., 1966, May 2

Commissioning Exercise Address USD – ROTC, 1969, May 25

Memorial Day Address at Wakonda, S.D., 1970, May 30

Commissioning Exercise Address USD – ROTC, 1977, May 14

Commencement Address Flandreau, S.D. Flandreau Public Schools, 1978, May 23

“A Remembering”, Memorial service for Captain Paul S. Halkovich, 1978, July 9

Remarks given at the Legion of Valor Bronze Cross Award USD, 1987, Dec. 9

ROTC Library Dedication USD, 1990, Apr. 9

“Relics of the Nazi Party”, Vermillion rotary Club, 1989, Feb. 14

“The Art of Rating Others on Their Efficiency, Attention to Duty, and Their Future Usefulness.”, USD Emeritus Club, Vermillion, SD, 1990, Mar. 7(2 copies)

“Giving and Volunteering: The Private Sector”, Vermillion Rotary Club, 1988

“The Irony of World War II”, 1992, May 2

Remarks given at the Legion of Valor Bronze Cross Award, The University of South Dakota, 1997, Sept. 18

“ How are Intervention Forces Supported with the Necessary Materials and Services?”, Rotary Club, 1998, Jan. 10

“A Remembering” Memorial for Warren Strawn”, n.d.

Untitled, n.d. (2 items)


Box 6

PHOTOGRAPHS (19 folders)


Hell Gap Dig (6 photos)

Miscellaneous (17 photos)


Mary Elizabeth Shepard Shelden (maternal Grandmother)

George Niles Shelden (maternal Grandfather)

George Shelden Gravestone, 1998, Aug

James H. Moses (3 photos)

James H. and Alice Moses, 1903

Lloyd Moses as a child (2 photos)

James Moses and his mine

James H. and Alice Moses, ca.1940 (4 photos)

Statue of Liberty

Ray and Blanch Moses, 1944

Lloyd with his Father, 1963

Lloyd and Ray Moses at father’s funeral, 1963, Nov. 14

Ray Moses, ca.1935 (?)

Lloyd Moses

Helen Johnson (Moses cousin), 1994, Nov. 20

Lloyd and Ruth Moses 50th Wedding Anniversary, 1992

Box 6, cont.


Family, cont.

Raymond Moses

Milton and Nancy Steele Family


Correspondence (14 photos)

Europe (22 photos)

Japan (15 photos)

Korea (49 photos)

Miscellaneous (18 photos and negatives)

Parachuting (10 photos)


Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) in Breckenridge, MN (5 photos)

Eisenhower in Tickertape Parade (1 photo)

Rapid City Flood, 1972 (10 photos)

South Dakota State Historical Society (9 photos)


Photograph listing by T. Emogene Paulson

Colome High School (4 photos)

Friends (34 photos)

Funeral (12 photos)


Fairfax (8 items)

Vermillion (27 photos)


Austin-Whitmore House, Vermillion, SD (2 photos)

Harold Shunk on Horse (1 photo)

Meckling Sign (1 photo)

Native American Headdress (1 photo)

Oscar Howe Art Center (1 photo)

South Dakota Scenes (5 photos)

Spirit Mound Sign (1 photo)


Lloyd Moses (12 photos)

Enos Poor Bear Sr. (2 photos)

Proof Sheets

Whatever it Takes (11 photos)

University of South Dakota

Commencement, 1977, May 14 (11 photos)

Institute for American Indian Studies (5 photos)

Maple Tree on Corner of Pine and Clark (2 photos)



Slides (4 slide boxes)


Retirement in Vermillion and South Dakota

Polar Bears


Bookstore Press Conference 1991, Dec. 5; Whatever it Takes

Churchill, Manitoba, Canada Oct. 1992

Video Tape made from 8mm film Strips



Box 6, cont.

EPHEMERA (4 folders)


The Distinguished Service Cross, 1952, Oct. 15 (photocopy)

Doctor of Humane Letters, 1977, May 14

Post Office Department, 1892, Apr. 5 (photocopy)

South Dakota State Centennial Stamp Year, 1989

Yard of the Month The Vermillion Garden Club, 1994, July


4th Annual Coyote Capers Show, 1984, Oct 12

Blooms and Bricks! General Lloyd R. Moses Minipark Fundraiser, 1999

Business Cards from Japan (3 items)

Card Puzzle

Dinner invitation in honor of The United State Ambassador and Mrs. Bruce, 1958, Jan. 20

Gettysburg Address Joke

Graduation Program from Rosebud School District no. 54 Tripp County, South Dakota, 1926, Apr. 23

Graduation Program University of South Dakota, 1931, June 6

Memorial Service for Lloyd Moses, 2000, Aug. 31

Pencil Sketch of Lloyd Moses by Natalie Thompson, 1992, July 21

Retirement Ceremony for Major General Lloyd R. Moses, 1964, Sept. 30

Oglala Sioux Tribal Flag, enclosed with correspondence from Enos Poor Bear, 1991, Mar. 5

Post Cards (19 items)


Fairfax Centennial 1892-1992

Oversize Material (Light Gray Map Cases)


Poster from Germany

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