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Computer Science Resources: Finding Books in I.D. Weeks building

How to find resources in the field of Computer Science and keep up with the latest CS research. Also, the basics of ACM's style for citations.

Library of Congress Classification

Books are arranged according to the Library of Congress classification system.  Computers did not exist when the system was created, so computer resources are found both in mathematics and technology.

Mathematics QA

  • Computer science: QA 75-76
  • Digital computers: QA 76.5
  • Programming: QA 76.6
  • Programming languages: QA 76.73
  • Computer software: QA 76.75
  • Computer software, by topic
  • Operating systems: QA 76.77
  • Special computers: QA 76.78
  • Computer Science, other topics: QA 76.9

Electrical engineering. Electronics: TK

  • Computer networks: TK5105.5
  • Computer network protocols:  TK5105.55
  • Local area networks: TK5105.7
  • Wide area networks: TK5105.87
  • Specific aspects of, or services on, the Internet: TK5105.878
  • World Wide Web: TK5105.888
  • Microelectronics. Integrated circuits: TK7874
  • Computer engineering. Computer hardware: TK7885
  • Digital computers TK7888.3
  • Computers, by name: TK7889
  • Components, by name: TK7895

Finding books based on classification number

The first step in finding a book is to search. The Searching for Books tab explains searching.  The end of the search process is a classification number.

The classification number is a unique code that allows books to be shelved by general subject.  For example,

                           QA 76.774.U64 .P47

  1. Find the letter sequence QA on the third floor of the I.D.Weeks building. 
    It is on your left as you walk east, past the center stair case. 
    QA houses all the math books (Computer Science is housed within mathematics).

  2. Within QA, look for the number 76.774.  Numbers start at QA1 and get larger.
    QA76.774 houses all books on operating systems.

  3. Within the letter-number sequence, look for U.  Letters are filed in alphabetical order within QA76.774.
    QA76.774.U houses all books on operating systems where the name of the operating system begins with 'U'.

  4. Within QA76.774.U, look for the number 64.
    QA76.774.U64 houses all books on the Unix operating system.

  5. Within QA76.774.U64, look for P47, the code for the author's last name.

Always look around at nearby books.  They will be on similar topics.

Can't find what you're looking for?

Ask the Computer Science liaison for assistance


Contact the Reference Desk or ask at the Circulation Desk.   Library hours.

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