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Computer Science Resources: Keeping up with the latest research

How to find resources in the field of Computer Science and keep up with the latest CS research. Also, the basics of ACM's style for citations.

ACM Web Account (it's free)

Creating a free web account allows you to save searches, get email mailed to you and more!

Go to the ACM Digital Library, through the USD Libraries' homepage.

Click the SIGN UP link in the upper righthand corner.

Enter your email address in the box under Create a Web Account and click Continue.

Fill out the rest of the form, creating a password and security question.  Then Save the results and your account will be created.

Your username will be a unique permutation of your name and possible numbers.

Remember to save your username and password for future use!!!!!

Journal tables of contents to your inbox

Enter the ACM Digital Library from the USD Libraries' home page

Sign in to your account.  The SIGN IN link is in the upper righthand corner of every ACM Digital Library page.

Once signed in, find the 'homepage' of the journal whose Table of Contents you want emailed to you.  The homepage is the page that lists the latest news and issue, forthcoming articles, editors, and other administrivia related to the title.

Note: The 'homepage' is NOT the page that lists the scope, typical topics and bibliometrics. Once on this page, click the journal title link to go to the home page.

Once on the homepage, find the Table of Contents for the current issue.  It is usually in the right panel.  Under the heading is a link to sign up for email or RSS of the table of contents.  Click your preferred method to receive the table of contents.

Click Submit to confirm your choice.

Latest ACM Conferences

Find recent and upcoming conferences here!

ACM Conferences

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