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Digital Scholarship & Research Services: FAQ

What is digital scholarship?

Digital scholarship is a "general term that encompasses digital publishing, data visualization, the digital humanities, data science, and data analysis—all of which utilize digital collections, tools, and methods. Digital scholarship, broadly defined, uses digital content and tools to pursue research and interpretation with the goal of furthering knowledge. While this work can take many forms, one common strand is that it makes use of the powers of computing to do things that may not have been possible otherwise" ( 

Can you help me with Open Education Resource creation?

Yes! We can help you find and create Open Education Resources for your courses. Send an email to with the details of your request, and we will get back to you shortly.

How do I add my research to USD's digital repository (RED)?

To add your research to USD's digital repository, click here.

Can you develop a workshop specific for my class/research/need?

Yes! We are here to help you succeed. If there's a tool you're interested in learning about, or if you'd like for your students to learn more about a particular issue related to research/scholarship (i.e. plagiarism, citation tools, reading scholarly articles), we will develop a course just for you. Email for more information.

Does the new DMP requirement apply to my research? 

The DMS Policy applies to all research that generates scientific data, including:

  • Research Projects
  • Some Career Development Awards (Ks)
  • Small Business SBIR/STTR 
  • Research Centers

The DMS Policy does not apply to research and other activities that do not generate scientific data, including:

  • Training (T)
  • Fellowships (Fs)
  • Construction (C06)
  • Conference Grants (R13)
  • Resource (Gs)
  • Research-Related Infrastructure Programs (e.g., S06)

How is the new DMP requirement different from what we previously had to do?

Great question! Previously, researchers only had to include a data management plan with their grant applications if they were applying for funding that exceeded $500,000. Now, all grant applications, regardless of funding request amount, must include a data management and sharing plan.

Why should I learn about a new tool for my research? I'm doing just fine!

While you certainly don't have to change your research routine, tools are constantly being developed that are free, easy to use, and can save you a lot of time and hassle throughout the research process. Contact DSRS to find out if there's something out there that can specifically address your situation!


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