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How University Libraries LibGuides can be used in your classroom.

Types of LibGuides

The University of South Dakota Librarians make general subject guides, guides for specific courses, and even for specific assignments. Whatever the need, we can work with you!

  • Subject Guide
    "Art & Art History" is an example of a subject guide. It provides information for anyone interested in the art and art history resources at USD.
  • Course Guide
    "CMST 101 Fundamentals of Speech Communication" is an example of a course LibGuide. It is specifically designed for the course CMST 101.
  • Assignment Guide
    "Writing an Artist Statement" is specifically tailored to assist students in completing an assignment for their course in Painting.

    "Assignment Help" shows suggested databases and journals and search strategies for the Dental Emergencies and Literature Critique assignments in Dental Hygiene.

How-To and Info Guides

Copyright at the University of South Dakota
A copyright resource page for Faculty, Students, Staff, and the general community at the University of South Dakota.

Citation Analysis
This guide covers resources for conducting citation analysis, finding impact factors and journal rankings. Useful for promotion and tenure.

Linking Directly to Resources; Individual Articles and Records
This guide will explain persistent links in library resources and how to utilize them, such as in a D2L course page.

Introduction to Archival Research 

South Dakota Oral History Center
A sampling of the wonderful items available at the SDOHC

Religious and Spiritual Observances Calendar
This guide is intended as an educational resource by raising awareness of the diverse religious and spiritual observances celebrated by members of the University of South Dakota community that may impact one's school or work responsibilities.

Using Micromaterials in the University Libraries
This is a guide for locating, viewing, and scanning various micromaterials located in the University Libraries.

Citing Sources
This guide includes multiple citation style guides.

This guide will lead you through the process of downloading, installing, and setting up Endnote on your computer.

Course Reserves
This guide includes information on providing access to electronic and physical materials for required course readings.

Ereaders and Ebooks 
This guide explains how to download and transfer ebooks from library resources and transfer to an ereader.

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