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Physical Therapy: Evidence-Based Practice

The purpose of this guide is to organize the most relevant USD Library resources for clinicians, students, and faculty within the discipline of Physical Therapy.

Critical Appraisal Resources

When you have found the evidence, it is important to consider whether it is relevant to your patient, and if the research stands up to scrutiny. Are there any flaws in the methodology? Is the study biased in any way? You will need to know about the legitimate use of statistics and how each kind of research works.

EBP Tutorial

View these interactive tutorials for excellent summaries of the key concepts and tools useful for practicing evidence-based medicine and physical therapy.

USD Evidence-Based Medicine Resources

Hierarchy of Evidence

EBM Pyramid w/ USD Resources
Pyramid of evidence, descriptions of databases.

The pyramid serves as a guideline to the hierarchy of evidence available. You may not always find the best level of evidence to answer your question. In the absence of the best evidence, you then need to consider moving down the pyramid to other types of studies.


How to Read a Paper (by Trisha Greenhalgh)

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