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This research guide provides links to repositories for finding data

Bloomberg Analytics Terminals

For lab assistance, contact

  • Access to real-time worldwide financial market and economic data
  • Excellent source for financial statement data on publicly listed companies, industries, equities, bonds, and currencies

APA Example Citation for Bloomberg Data Sets:

Bloomberg L.P. (2023). inc. quarterly financial statement analysis, 2022Q1 - 2022Q2 in USD [Data set]. Retrieved March 1, 2023 from Bloomberg Terminal.

Note:  Access to data from Bloomberg Terminals can only be obtained within the lab. 

Wharton Research Data Services (WRDS)

Note:  WRDS logins are NOT authorized for USD students unless provided by a class instructor or by approval with a professor you working with on research.

Health Services Administration

Healthcare Cost & Utilization (HCUP) Databases

South Dakota Association of Healthcare Organizations

Industry and Consumer Marketing Data

Other Data Respositories

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