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Data Sources: Bloomberg Industry Commands

This research guide provides links to repositories for finding business data

Bloomberg BI commands and others organized by industry

Bloomberg Resource Center

Type BPS into the terminal command field for the Bloomberg Resource Center.  This allows you to browse various cheat sheets, brochures, and fact sheets that help guide analysis.

Airlines industry

Industry Dashboards

BI AIRLG = Global Airlines Dashboard, Data Only, Most Publicly Listed Airlines Worldwide, Converted to US dollars and Kilometers to ease cross region analysis

BI AIRLN = North American Airline Dashboard

BI AIRLE = European Airline Dashboard

BI AIRLA = Asia-Pacific Airline Dashboard

Banks & Brokers industry

Industry Dashboards

BI IBNKG = Global Investment Banks

BI BANKN = US Super-regional and Large Banks

BI NBNKN = Northeastern Regional Banks

BI MBNKN = Midwestern Regional Banks

BI SBNKN = Southern Regional Banks

BI BANKE = European Banks

BI BANKA = Asia and Pacific Banks

BI BANKM = Middle East and Africa Banks

BI EBNK = Emerging Europe Banks

BI CARD = Credit and Debit

Security Analysis

FA = Fundamental Analysis - GAAP and Regulatory data

FA PGEO = Revenue Segmentation

FA BANK = Key Bank Fundamental Metrics

EEO = Earnings and Estimates

EEG = Estimates Graph

CAST = Capital Structure

DDIS = Debt Distribution

Banking Industry

WIRP = Central Bank Expectations

ICVS = Interest Rate Curves

CMW = Interbank Liquidity

LOAN = Syndicated Loans Monitor

BANK = Bank CDS Monitor

SOVM = Sovereign CDS Monitor

DEBT = Sovereign Debt Ownership

Brokerage Industry

TFLO = TRACE Volumes

RANK = Market Share of Equity Trades

DMON = Deal Market Monitor

LEAG = League Tables

MA = Merger and Acquisitions

IPO = Equity Offerings

Fixed Income Functions

FICM =  Fixed Income Credit Monitor

GC = Bond Curves

NIM = New Issue Monitor

AUCR = Auction Results 

Central Bank Portals

FED = Federal Reserve

ECB = European Central Bank

BOE = Bank of England

SNB = Swiss National Bank

PBOC = People's Bank of China

BOJ = Bank of Japan

RBA = Reserve Bank of Australia

BOC = Bank of Canada

Commercial Vehicles industry

Industry Dashboards

BI TRUCN = Commercial Vehicles, North America

BI TRCKN = Asset-Based Trucking Services, North America

BI RAILN = Rail Freight Transportation, North America

Consumer Discretionary industry

Industry Dashboards

BI AIRLG = Airlines, Global

BI AIRLN = Airlines, North America

BI AIRLE = Airlines, Europe

BI AIRLA = Airlines, Asia-Pacific

BI APPRE = Specialty Apparel Stores, Europe

BI APPRN = Specialty Apparel Stores, North America

BI AUTPG = Auto Parts, Global

BI AUTRN = Auto Retail Stores, North America

BI AUTMG = Automobile OEM, Global

BI AUTMN = Automobile OEM, North America

BI AUTME = Automobile OEM, Europe

BI AUTMA = Automobile OEM, Asia-Pacific

BI GAMEG = Casinos and Gaming, Global

BI DEPTN = Department Stores, North America

BI HOMBN = Home Builder, North America

BI HOMCN = Home Improvement Stores, North America

BI LUXGG = Luxury Goods, Global

BI RECEG = Consumer Electronics and Appliance Stores

Consumer Staples industry

Industry Dashboards

BI BEVGG = Beverages, Global

BI FOODG = Food Manufacturing, Global

BI FOODN = Food Manufacturing, North America

BI FOODE = Food Manufacturing, Europe

BI FOODA = Food Manufacturing, Asia-Pacific

BI RETFG = Food Retailers, Global

BI RETFN = Food, North America

BI RETFE = Food Retailers, Europe

BI HHCPG = Household Products Mfg, Global

BI MMERN = Mass Merchants, North America

BI TOBCG = Tobacco, Global 

Energy industry

Industry Dashboards

BI COAL = Coal Operations, Global

BI OILSN = Crude Oil Production, NA

BI OILSE = Crude Oil Production, Europe

BI DRILG = Drilling and Drilling Support, Global

BI INTOG = Integrated Oils, Global

BI NGASN = Natural Gas Production, NA

BI NGASE = Natural Gas Production, Europe

BI SERVG = Oil and Gas Services, Global

BI RNMKN = Refining and Marketing, NA

BI SOLRG = Solar Energy, Global

BI WINDS = Wind Energy, Global

Financials industry

Industry Dashboards

BI BANKE = European Banks

BI BANKA = Asia and Pacific Banks

BI BANKM = Middle East and Africa Banks

BI BANKC = Emerging Europe Banks


FTOP = TOP Financial News

NI BNK = Banking News

Security Analysis

FA = Fundamental Analysis

FA PGEO = Product Revenue Segmentation

FA BANK = Key Bank Fundamental Metrics

FA BASL = Key Bank Basel Ratios

EEO = Earnings Estimates

EEG = Estimates Graph

CAST = Capital Structure

Freight Transportation & Logistics industry

Industry Dashboards

BI SHIP = Global Marine Shipping

BI XPRS = Global Express & Courier

BI RAIL = North American Railroads

BI TRCK = North American Trucking

BI 6 = Bl Oil, Gas, and Coal Menu

BI 10 = Bl Basic Materials Menu

Health Care industry

Industry Dashboards

BI PHRM = Large Pharmaceuticals

BI BIOT = Biotechnology

BI SPEC = Specialty Pharmaceuticals

BI GNRC = Generic Pharmaceuticals

BI CURE = Disease Dashboard

BI HOSP = Hospitals

BI HCSC = Healthcare Supply Chain

BI HMOI = Managed Care

BI EPHY = Electrophysiology

BI CVIN = Interventional Cardiology

BI ORTP = Orthopedic Devices

Key Functions

BI PHRM RX = Drug Pipeline Search Engine and Prescription Data

BI BIOT SBCALEND = Catalyst Calendar

BI PHRM 1096 = Pharma Licensing Deals

BI HMOIN 1072 = AM Best Data for Managed Care

BI GNRC LITI = Hatch Waxman Filings by Drug and Date

Industry Tools/Data

BI BIOT SBWEBC = FDA/CMS Committee Meetings

BI HOSPN 1097 = Hospital Distribution by State

BI EPHY 1072 = Utilization Data for ICDs and Pacemakers

BI CVIN 1072 = Utilization Data for Stents and Catheters

BI ORTP 1072 = Utilization Data for Knee and Hip Devices

Sector Analysis

MA = Mergers and Acquisitions

RRG = Relative Rotation

Security Analysis

DES = Company Description (add as a tail to a ticker)

FA = Fundamental Analysis (add as a tail to a ticker)

FA PROD = Revenue by Drug and Vertical (add as a tail to a ticker)

FA GEO = Drug Revenue by Geography (add as a tail to a ticker)

FA BIOT = Company R&D Expenditure (add as a tail to a ticker)

EEO = Earnings Estimates (add as a tail to a ticker)

EEO PRODUCT = Drug Sales Estimates (add as a tail to a ticker)

EEB = Earnings Estimates Detail (add as a tail to a ticker)

FDA & Regulatory Environment

BBLS = Bloomberg Law Search

BBLR = Healthcare Law Reports

LITI = Litigation by Company (add as a tail to a ticker)

BILL = Healthcare Legislation Tracker


CN BT = Search all transcripts by company (add as a tail to a ticker)

HTOP = TOP Healthcare News

NI DRG = Drug News

NI MTC = Devices and Technology News


NI CLNTRIAL = Clinical Trial News

NI DRGAPP = Drug Approval News

CN BD = Drug Development by Company (add as a tail to a ticker)

FIRS = FIRST WORLD Filter to Healthcare

SALT = Suggest News Alert, Choose Healthcare


Insurance industry

Industry Dashboards

BI PCREG = Reinsurance

BI INPCE = Property and Casualty - Europe

BI INPCN = Property and Casualty - North America

BI INSPN = Personal Lines

BI INSCN = Commercial Lines

BI LIFEE = Life - Europe

BI LIFEN = Life - North America

Materials industry

Industry Dashboards

BI RMSUG = Raw Materials (Iron, Ore, Coking Coal, Scrap)

BI ISTLG = Steel

BI BMETG = Base Metals

BI COPP = Copper

BI ALUM = Aluminum

BI PMET = Precious Metals

BI COAL = Coal

BI AGCH = Agricultural Chemicals

BI BDCH = Basic and Diversified Chemicals

BI SPCH = Specialty Chemicals

REIT Commercial Real Estate industry

Industry Dashboards

BI APTR = Apartment REITs

BI HLCR = Healthcare REITs

BI OFCR = Office REITs

BI RETR = Retail REITs (Shopping Centers and Malls)

Technology, Telecom & Media industry

Industry Dashboards

BI ADVTG = Advertising and Marketing, Global

BI CATV = EU and NA Cable

BI DVENN = Diversified Entertainment, NA

BI INETG = Internet Media, Global

BI LOCL = Local Media, NA, EU

BI TELC = EU, NA, and Mid East Telecoms

BI EMS = EMS/ODM Vendors, Global

BI HDWR = Computer Hardware, Global

BI STORG = Computer Storage, Global

BI NETWG = Data Networking Equipment, Global

BI HANDG = Mobile Phones, Global

BI SEMIG = Semiconductor Devices, Global

BI ANLGG = Analog ICs, Global

BI COMSG = Comm ICs, Global

BI MMRYG = Memory ICs, Global

BI ASFTG = Application Software, Global

BI ISFTG = Infrastructure Software, Global

BI ITSVG = IT Services, Global

BI INFOG = Information Services, Global

Utilities industry

Industry Dashboards

BI EGENE = European Power Generation

BI EGENC = CIS/SEE/CEE Power Generation

BI EGENN = North American Power Generation

BI EGENA = Asia-Pacific Power Generation

BI NETSE = European Networks

BI NETSN = North American Networks

BI NGTDE = European Gas Networks and Supply

BI PIPEN = North American Gas Networks

BI NGASE = European Upstream Gas Production

BI WIND = Global Wind

BI SOLR = Global Solar

BI ELEQG = Global Power Equipment Manufacturing

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