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This guide will lead you through the process of downloading, installing, and setting up Endnote on your computer.



EndNote 20

New Features in EndNote 20:

  • Expansion of the sharing features
  • Additional Reference Types
  • Links to Web of Science
  • Incorporation of Manuscript Matcher

See the online user manual for a complete guide for EndNote 20


EndNote X9

New Features in X9:

  • Expansion of the sharing features
  • Additional Reference Types
  • Links to Web of Science
  • Incorporation of Manuscript Matcher

See the online user manual for a complete guide for X9



EndNote X7

New Features in X7:


  • Update and synchronize the references in EndNote desktop and web by the click of a button. Maintain and synchronize the references in your desktop library with the references in your web library even across multiple computers.
  • Set your preferences to create clear, organized, and easily searchable names for your PDF documents as you import them by defining your settings in PDF Handling preferences.
  • Add citations and reference lists to your Microsoft PowerPoint slides.
  • Add subheadings to your bibliography in Microsoft Word using your own categories or predefined by reference type in an output style--great for distinguishing primary and secondary sources.
  • Better organize your research materials by using new reference types such as Interview, Podcast, Conference Paper, and Press Release.

See the online user manual for a complete guide for X7

Thomson Reuters recommends that you view the What’s New video at or on their YouTube channel at



EndNote X6


 New Features of EndNote X6:

  • Update and synchronize the references in EndNote desktop and EndNote Web by the click of a button. Maintain and synchronize the references in your EndNote library with the references in your EndNote Web library even across multiple computers.
  • Change Layout options to match your monitor and preferences, such as showing the Preview, Reference, and PDF Viewer panels on the right side of the screen to fit widescreen monitors.
  • Open PDFs in a separate tabbed Reference / PDF window for viewing references or annotating PDF files.
  • Apply a rating to each of your references. Search your EndNote library by selecting the Rating option from the Field list.
  • Apply a Read or Unread tag to your references from the Library window or the Reference window in order to track which references you have reviewed during your research. Set rating preferences to have EndNote automatically mark references as read after viewing in the Reference, Preview, and PDF Viewer panels or after changing the rating of a reference.
  • Copy or Move the contents of one field to another field without losing the original text formatting style.
  • Change the case of field data from the Reference window. Options include Sentence case, lowercase, UPPERCASE, Every Word, and tOGGLE cASE.
  • Change the case of field data for all references currently “showing” in the Library window by using the Change/Move/Copy Fields command.
  • Select different author name formats for short forms of full reference footnotes.
  • Edit full reference footnote citations to exclude author name, year, or author/year.
  • E-mail a selected reference with or without file and figure attachments to your colleagues.
  • Retrieve records in XML format from online search databases.



EndNote X5

New Features of EndNote X5:

  • Add and Transfer File Attachments to the Web
  • View and Annotate PDF files
  • Update a Reference Automatically
  • New Cite While You Write Options
  • Compare duplicate references quickly with auto-highlights and locked scrolling
  • Use two new reference types - Dataset and Music - and new fields in the Journal Article reference type - Article Number and NIHMSID
  • Maintain links to the original PDF file when importing PDFs to create new references

Read Note for EndNote X4, because X5 is not an update and all earlier versions of EndNote must be uninstalled!



EndNote X4

With the release of Office 2010, a new version of EndNote has been released.  You will need to install EndNote X4 if you are using Office 2010 software.    The install file through the My.U Portal is now the EndNote X4 release.  It is backwards compatible and will work with previous versions of Microsoft Office.  You will need to uninstall EndNote X3 since this is not just an update (go ahead and do the X3 uninstall first).  Don't worry about your data files as they are NOT removed during the uninstall process.  EndNote X4 will recognize your libraries and should work just fine.  This is just a new release to make EndNote compatible with Office 2010.  

Please note that the download and install procedures are the same for EndNote X4.  Remember to Extract All Files after you download but before you start the install!!!!

As always, please let us know if you have any questions or concerns!





EndNote X3 has a new update that will install all of the latest import filters and output styles.  Click on the link below to go directly to the update:

NOTE: You must have EndNote X3 installed on your computer before you install the update.


EndNote X3.0.1 includes the following improvements:

  • Numbered citation ranges display properly for pairs and groups of multiple citations such as [1, 2] and [3-8].
  • Improved Find Full Text support for proxy-modified URLs from link resolvers, more robust file type identification and better DOI recognition.
  • Direct export now supports formatted text when available from the data provider.
  • New "Lost and Found" Group helps identify custom groups updated from EndNote X2 libraries.
  • Includes the new APA 6th edition output style. Learn more.
  • Cite While You Write in Writer 3
    • Use Cite While You Write menus and toolbars.
    • Improved handling of inserted page numbers, prefix and suffix information.
  • Library summary now includes Smart Groups.
  • Select a Group set in the Compressed Library utility.
  • Improved sorting on the library window and Cite While You Write dialogs.
  • Configure an OpenURL setting within the MSI installer.
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